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canvas art for sale

Canvas Art

Canvas art has always finished a room:  there’s something about the quality of the material, the way it holds hues, which adds a touch of warmth and class.  Canvas is versatile; it brings a depth to colour that photo prints often fail to realise; and it doesn’t have glass frames that reflect light and detract attention from the picture.  Canvas art can be used as much as a patch of colour to unify a room’s feel as an image in its own right – buying a bright, Kandinsky-esque canvas to bring a bold splash to a wall, or purchasing a Rothko to harmonise a room’s tones.

Like the skyboys, though, canvas art is often trite.  A lot of canvas art available to the homeowner comes from the same kind of place as the skyboys image:  mass-produced, mass market reproduction houses churning out tons of the same piece for resale in home stores across the country.  There are new places opening up, though, who have identified that bandwagon as driving a significant gap through the market.  In the wake of these identicalpieces of instant-chic mass reproductions, we’re starting to see quality online stores offering original and even bespoke canvas art – one-off pieces that really do finish a room.  In a way that the mass-produced art from all those reproduction houses never could:  uniquely.

Buying original canvas art on the net falls into two categories.  On the one hand, you’ve got the pieces that already exist – canvas art that has already been finished.  The works are selected through submission (which means a homeowner patronising a reputable site has, in effect, an arts dealer working on their behalf) and displayed in online catalogues.  Once a piece is bought, it’s gone.  Purchasers of online canvas art can trawl through galleries arranged by shape, size, colour and theme as well as style of art – so they can direct their search at something they know will fit the colour scheme and size of their room.

On the other hand we have bespoke canvas art.  Bespoke canvas art services allow customers to commission pieces for their home, stipulating size, colour, theme – anything at all.  Bespoke canvas art obviously carries the added cachet that it’s not only one-of-a-kind – it was made exclusively for the purchaser.  Bespoke canvas art is like having a personal artist-in-residence.

With original canvas art often arranged by price as well, there’s generally something to suit every budget as well as every taste.  Something unique, that no-one else will have.  The days of the skyboys are over.  Modern interior decoration is bringing originality back to the home.

About the Author

Buying art for the home used to mean getting the same prints everyone else had on their walls.  The availability of original canvas art on the internet has changed all that for the better.

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